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Education and Advocacy

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The minute a person comes in contact with a horse they are teaching it something, good, bad or otherwise…


Our goal is to develop a safe, conscientious rider who can effectively communicate with their horse. Kristin will help you develop an understanding of your horse in such a way that you become the confident leader your horse needs.


Training and Horse Lessons can include:


• Foundation Horsemanship

• Ground Work

• Trailer Loading

• Re-educating Horse and Owner

• Body Mapping & Saddle fitting

• Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)



Riding lessons


• Prepurchase Consultion

    - finding the right horse for your needs


• Beginner Concepts to Advanced Skills

    - Vaulting

    - Connected & Balanced Riding

    - Trail Safety

    - Gymkhnana

    - Pony Club

    - Obstacle training

    - Emegency Training


By breaking down each goal to the fundamentals you help the horse to understand what it is being asked of him. We find where miscommunication is stemming from and build from there. The program focuses on how to support your horse by building a frame of mind where the horse is focused on you and on the task you need to complete. I help you build a good work ethic with your horse. Through clear communication your horse will be able to carry himself physically, mentally and emotionally thereby creating a magical harmony between the two of you… when you listen to him he’ll listen to you.

I dedicate my life to helping people find Joy with their horses!

I want people to smile when they are around their horse, not feel stressed or depressed. I want to help them to understand that they can do right by their horse and show them how to accomplish the connection.


Lessons are private or semi-private.

Auditors welcome. Clinics available.